Albaluna (Portugal)

Folk, Rock, Funk inspired by traditional Iberian repertoire

16 February 2019 - Evening

Gandhi Ground

About Albaluna :

Albaluna presents itself in 2010 in the way of rebirth of a project developed since 2008, Midgard, fruit of encounters in raian lands, rocky castles and rivers of fresh water. Combining traditional instruments from different parts of the world with more contemporary ones, there are reinterpretations of national and international repertoire, as well as original creations that are shaping the body of this project.

Albaluna is an artistic creation that exposes a culturally contemporary being. With evident environments of folk, progressive rock and funk, the project absorbs and fuses in a unique and vivacious way the sound identities of diverse points of the space and the time of our cultural Earth.

At the end of 2010, with exclusive production of the band, Albaluna presents the first work published "D'Antes", inspired by the medieval and traditional Iberian repertoire, consolidated throughout a season of concerts in the context of historical recreation.

In the summer of 2012, "Marca Antiga" (composition of Ruben Monteiro, production of Ruben Monteiro and Tiago Gomes, studio TeaR) appears in the Medieval Market of Óbidos.

In 2014 they release the album "Alvorada da Lua", album exclusively composed of original songs.

Albaluna's performances at festivals, historical recreation shows and street entertainment, both nationally and internationally, already show an extensive and rich artistic journey. The Festival of Caldo de Quintandona (2014), Festival of the History of Bragança (2014), Terra Transmontana Festival (2014), Teatro da Luz (2014), Andanças Festival (Festival of the Bread (Mafra, 2012), Festival 5 (Festival of the Bread) (Festival of the Bread) (Mafra, 2012), Festival 5 Elements (Oeiras, 2012), Chocalheiro Carnival (Podence, 2012) and Celtic Music Festival (Viana do Castelo, 2011).

With the presentation of their original song "Anascer" on BalconyTV (Lisbon), they were considered "Show of the day", at an international level.

In July 2016 the Albaluna presents the most recent work "Nau dos Corvos". This album represents an affirmation of the sonority of the band, clearly influenced by the music Turkish and the Balkans. Since its launch, "Nau dos Corvos" has been presented in Portugal, Spain, Germany and Italy.


The main influences of Albaluna are Iberian medieval music, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern music, the Balkans, Portuguese traditional music and progressive rock. The concept of the Albaluna is in the permanent dialogue between the old music and the music of the present time. The fusion between ancestral instruments like the bagpipe, the accordion or the fiddle; and contemporary instruments, such as drums and electric bass, allow a wide variety of sonorities to meet the same purpose.

In this constant duality, the Albaluna present two shows that vary in their form and context. In an approach related essentially to events of historical recreation, the band dresses the skin of troubadours and gamblers and resorts to instruments of the time, in a show contextualized with the environment in which it is inserted. On stage, the Albaluna perform a powerful concert, where the limits are the creativity and energy of the band itself. The Albaluna take over as a folk band, with varied and almost endless influences.