Hot Water (South Africa)

South African Afro Pop

16 February 2019 - Evening

Gandhi Ground

About Hot Water :

HOT WATER is a Cape Town Afro-Pop band fronted by Donovan Copley that performs universally accessible, feel-good music to inspire soulful and fun dance vibes.

We move people through music that reflects the spirit of South Africa. Hot Water effortlessly captivates, connects and lifts audiences locally and abroad.

When producing its Hollywood blockbuster film BLENDED, Warner Bros Entertainment needed a perfect song that would symbolise South Africa. The result was using Hot Water's infectious song WAMKELEKILE as the movie soundtrack:

In the words of BLENDED producer Kevin Grady: “I really wanted to find a song that embodied South Africa, the film’s story and the journey of the characters within the [love] story. Wamkelekile not only does that, but it’s also a fun, catchy and playful song that people just love.”

HOT WATER’S diverse range of music includes foot-tapping songs like Wamkelekile, energetic dance tunes and soulful ballads, as captured on its latest CD entitled LIFELINE:

Hot Water