La Dame Blanche (Cuba - France)

Cuban hip hop- Latin Urban Beat

17 February 2019 - Afternoon

Fateh Sagar Paal

About La Dame Blanche :

Yaite Ramos Rodriguez : Vocal and flute

Marc Damblé : Keyboards, Guitar, Programming & Dubs

Pierre Mangeard : Drums & Clarinet

Yaite Ramos Rodriguez( La Dame Blanche) was born and grew up in Cuba.

Her father is Jesus “Aguaje” Ramos, a fantastic trombonist and the artistic director of the Buena Vista Social Club.

She studied and mastered the classical flute before leaving Cuba for Paris. The French capital gave her the opportunity to grow as a singer and musician as she sang with the all-girl salsa group Rumbana, performed with the Grand Orchestre du Splendid, sang backup vocals for Sergent Garcia, and accompanied El Hijo de la Cumbia as their live singer.

Fed from her childhood with the cuban traditional and popular music ( son - rumba, bata drums, salsa), Yaite Ramos Rodriguez discovered in Paris a new melting pot of rhythms and melodies.

It is this melting pot mixing salsa, reggae, dancehall, hip hop and classical music which gave birth to her combo called « La Dame Blanche », a unique cultural and musical brew, which she shares now with audiences worldwide including Womex, Womad and GlobalFest...among many....

La Dame Blanche has released in May 2018, her third LP, Bajo El Mismo Cielo.

La Dame Blanche