Manjoor Khan Manganiyar and group (India)

15 & 16 February 2019

Udaipur Railway Station - 9AM

Maharana Pratap Airport - 1 PM

About Manjoor Khan Manganiyar and group:

Manjoor Khan is a name that finds special mention and great respect among the folk music circuits of Rajasthan. Today he sings a wide repertoire of traditional Folk- and Sufi songs. The special style of the Manganiyar Folk Music called Jangra includes a universe of songs for all occasions in life. From traditional wedding songs to welcome songs for a new born child; specially the happy occasions of life are accompanied by the strong and colorful songs of the Manganiyar Musicians. Manjorr and his group organization and collaboration with organization have presented the extraordinary western Rajasthan traditional music world wide . They have given the shows in more than 40 countries some of the countries and where group showed their music and art

Manjoor Khan Manganiyar and group