Udopia (Greece)

Music of Greece and Eastern Mediterranean

17 February 2019 - Afternoon

Fateh Sagar Paal

About Udopia :

Comprised of five of it's most innovative musicians, Udopia is at the heart of Greece's vibrant musical scene, at the crossroad of East and West, tradition and modernity. Drawing inspiration from ritual dance music, urban songs, modern grooves and the country’s ancient musical heritage, the group's unusual and characteristic lineup of saxophones, oud, kamancheh, voice, accordion, tabla and drums creates an explosive blend of rhythmic elements that will dynamically carry the audience through the beauty of age old melodies.

Artist Bios

James Wylie - saxophone and kamancheh. Born in New Zealand and widely traveled has lived for the past seven years in Greece where he combines his background in jazz with his expertise in the music of northern greece and ongoing studies of Iranian classical music.

Fausto Sierakowski - saxophone. Originally from France, Sierakowski settled in Greece to further explore its traditional music. He is one of Europe’s most exciting musical minds and has many boundary-breaking collaborations with musicians from all over the world.

Thimios Atzakas - oud. One of the most virtuosic and groundbreaking performers on the instrument today. He incorporates many new techniques on the instrument resulting in a dynamic playing style capable of ecstatic levels. He is also professor of oud at the University of Macedonia in the Thessaloniki.

Kostas Anastasiadis - drums and tabla. Anastasiadis is a world reknowned drummer capable of generating rhythmic power that few can match. His Pontic heritage collides with his deep love of Indian tabla tradition leaving listeners fascinated the world over.

Avgerini Gatsi - voice and accordion. One of greece’s most well loved young voices. She is an extremely versatile and sensitive musician who is comfortable traversing styles from the Epirotic lament to urban Rembetika.