Oques Grasses (Spain)

Spanish Pop

9th February 2020 - 7 PM Onwards - Gandhi Ground

With their new record "Fans del sol" (‘Fans of the Sun’), Oques Grasses have made a grand return and become one of the most popular and highly-regarded bands in the country. Their danceable and festive tracks are a mix of world and indie genres. Their noted success has turned their songs into mass hymns for more than one generation, and this is the reason why worldwide renowned artists such as Rosalía have shown their admiration for the band and their two latest video clips. Precisely, these two video clips were recorded in Hollywood (LA) and directed by David Victori, one of the most acclaimed directors from Spain, and so far have gained millions of views on YouTube. Moreover, Oques Grasses have played more than 400 gigs and toured in more than 10 countries. This is why Oques Grasses are one of the most out-standing bands in 2020.