Delgocha Ensemble (Iran)

Persian Classical Music

16 February 2019 - Morning

Amber at Amet Haveli - Ambrai Ghat

About Delgocha Ensemble :

The traditional music of Iran is based on the Radif, which is a collection of old melodies that have been handed down by the masters to the students through the generations. The Radif contains several different modes ( dastgah), which are distinguished from each other by their relationship of note intervals and the form of the movement of the melodies within them. Like in indian classical music, a dastgah portrays a specific sonic space, with its specific mood and taste.

Rhythm in these melodies takes three different forms: symmetric, asymmetric(lang), and free form. The rhythm is greatly influenced by the rhythm and meter of the persian poetry, which occupies an essential place in iranian culture.

It is this centuries old and very rich tradition that the Delgocha Ensemble will present to the public of the UWMF.

Taghi Akhbari

After having studied the vocal art of classical iranian music, Taghi Akhbari settled in France in the 80’s and started to learn the western opera singing style. Since 2007, he is a regular He performs with great iranian musicians like the tar master Dariush Talaï, or the ney soloist Hossein Omoumi, and also the turkish flute player Kudsi Erguner.

In parrallel, he performs regularly with the Doulce Mémoire Ensemble, one of the most famous ancient music group in Europe.

In 2009, their album « Laudes », mixing eastern and western mystical brotherhoods songs received the Diapason d’Or ( the Golden Diapason) one of the finest french reward.

Nader Aghakhani

Born in Iran in a soufi family, Nader Aghakhani started to study the art of the Tar (a traditional lute) at the age of ten. Settled in France since several years, he is also a psychologist, specialised in the art of healing with music.

Open to different musical streams, he performs regularly with ancient music ensembles, like the famous french Ensemble Doulce Memoire.

Bruno Caillat

Bruno Caillat studied the zarb (a persian drum) with Djamchid Chemirani, one of the world famous masters of this instrument. He also learned to play different frame drums (tambourines) of Middle East and Central Asia like the Daf, the Dayreh and the Riq. His concerts embrace a large variety of music styles, like traditional musics of Iran, (Delgosha Ensemble), Armenia (Goussan trio) and Turkey (Kudsi Erguner’s Ensemble), He also performs regularly with early music ensembles, (Doulce Mémoire, Diabolus in Musica, Alla Francesca, Cie Outre Mesure, le Concert d’Astrée…). He is also involved in contemporary musical creations with superb artists like Renaud Garcia-Fons and David Hykes.

Delgocha Ensemble