Yves Theiler Trio feat. Shree Sundarkumar (Switzerland)

Swizz Jazz ft. Indian Kanjira

16 February 2019 - Afternoon

Fateh Sagar Paal

About Yves Theiler Trio feat. Shree Sundarkumar :

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, on 23rd of December in 1987. After graduating from the K&S Art School for exceptionally talented instrumentalists, Yves Theiler obtained two Master diplomas of Arts in music at the music faculties of Zurich, Leipzig and Lucerne, where he studied under Richie Beirach and Chris Wiesendanger among others.

Yves Theiler made himself a big name in the Swiss jazz scene over the past few years as a young piano virtouso and as a highly respected composer.

He was on tour with his band Yves Theiler Trio, Alexander von Schlippenbach Orchestra and with the Matthias Tschopp Quartett, Castravez and Omri Ziegele’s Where’s Africa to name a few. As a solo artist he performed at St. Moritz Festival da Jazz, at Winthertur Radio Festival and at the OHR Festival Zurich.

Yves has played with several international musicians like Omri Ziegele, Christoph Grab, Marcel Papeaux, Efrat Alony, Makaya Nsthoko, Raetus Flisch, Harald Haerter, Christian Wolfarth, Terrence McManus, Uli Kempendorff, Rudi Mahall, Yuri Goloubev, Rich Greenblatt, Dave Meier, Gerry Hemingway and others.

He is the leader of «Yves Theiler Trio» with Luca Sisera and Lukas Mantel. As a co-member, he is part of the «DUO Omri Ziegele & Yves Theiler», the collective Trio «Things To Sounds», the duo The Zan and the duo Raetus Flisch & Yves Theiler.

Frequently he’s involved in projects with Uli Kempendorff from Berlin, Robert Lucaciu and Gilbert Paeffgen from Germany and Marcel Rat from Romania.

As a sideman, Yves plays in the Matthias Tschopp Quartet, Luca Sisera’s Roofer, Compo6, Mario Schenker Quartet and in the Where’s Africa Project.

As a composer and arranger he works/worked for his piano trio, for the Zurich and Bern Jazz Werkstatt Collective, Zurich Ensemble MO-NO (new: «Space Garden»), the acoustic guitar duo Bohner & Piller and as an arranger he arranged Wagner pieces for Jazz Piano and Bass Duo for the Zurcher Festspiele 2013.

Yves Theiler Trio feat. Shree Sundarkumar