10th February, 2018

7 PM Onwards

Gandhi Ground

Asia 7(Thailand)

Asia 7 was founded in 2016 by a group of alumni from College of Music, Mahidol University, Thailand. Asia 7’s uniqueness is combine Thai, folk and jazz music together. The music genre is folk, fusion, pop, jazz, and groove. Musical instrumental include Saw Duang (Thai fiddle), Phin (Thai lute), saxophone, guitar, keyboard, bass, and drum set.

Asia 7 won first prize the Thai contemporary band competition and third prize the band competition to perform his majesty the king Bhumibol's songs. And also has performed in many international music festivals in Thailand such as ACC World Music Festival (Korea), Wonderfruit festival 2017, Thailand International Jazz Conference 2016-2017, Rhythm of the Earth 10 and Type Thai festival.

Amornphat Sermsap : Vocal

Tontrakul Kaewyog : Phin . Khaen. Wode

Narisara Sakpunjachot : Sow Duong . Sow U

Kritamet Kittiboonyatiwakron : Saxophone

Preeda Kesdee : Keyboard

Suntorn Duangdang : Guitar

Phoowich Tawasinchanadech : Bass

Thitirat Dilokhattakarn : Drums